Theme of the FAI Young Artists Contest 2021 revealed: “A friendlier world with air sports”

Thank you for sending in your artwork! They have all been submitted to the FAI.
Please stay tuned for this year’s theme to be announced soon.

Please note the Aero Club of Canada needs to receive all submissions by February 28, 2021. This will allow the ACC enough time to judge them at the national level if there are more than three in each category entered and to mail the finalists’ art to Switzerland for the FAI deadline. Our package will be sent to the FAI in March to ensure it is received in time with no issues. Please submit your artwork by the due date to us if interested. We would love to see it.

FAI has revealed the theme for the 2021 edition of the FAI Young Artists Contest. Youngsters between the ages of six and 17 are invited to get their brushes and pens out to interpret the theme “A friendlier world with air sports”.

The objective of the popular art contest is to encourage young people to reflect on a particular aspect of air sports. This year’s edition focuses not only on the flying itself but on the friendships that are created and nurtured on the ground as well as in the skies when practicing air sports.

The contest is first run at a national level: each participating FAI Member organises a contest in their country and selects the three best drawings in each of the three age categories. The national winning artworks are then sent to FAI by 1 April 2021. They are finally submitted to an international FAI jury, which decides on the final overall winners in April / May 2021.

Gold, Silver and Bronze FAI Medals are awarded to the winners for the three age categories (six to nine years old, 10 to 13 years and 14 to 17 years).


The official FAI interpretation of the 2021 FAI Young Artists Contest theme A friendlier world with air sports follows:

When we think of aviation, our first thoughts go to the sky. We imagine what it would be like soaring through the air in a glider, floating across the sky in a hot air balloon, or maybe even twisting and looping through the clouds in an aerobatic plane. While being in the sky is glamorous, it is only part of the adventure. Every journey begins on the ground with a team of people working together to make something magical happen.

Working together, a group of aviation enthusiasts can accomplish what one person alone never could. The friendships created in this process are one of the things that keeps people coming back to air sports again and again. The friends that meet to hang glide share laughs on cliff sides around the world. Hot air balloonists enjoy meals with the crew of the chase vehicle after a flight across the countryside. Air shows, of course, offer it all. Everyone is invited to share in the joy that sport aviation produces. Pilots love talking about their planes, ground crews share the work required to keep everything safe and in top shape. Every aircraft is a conversation starter. Each one gives people a chance to ask questions or share their own aviation stories. The chance to take a ride is irresistible to some, while others enjoy eating tasty food and watching the show overhead. A single parachutist in the sky can hold the attention of hundreds of people below. When the day’s adventure is over, both participants and spectators leave with new friends, as well as stories to share among themselves and others.

Air sports brings people together and creates friendships that connect people from all over the world and of all ages. Now it’s your turn to grab your favourite art supplies and create a poster that captures the friendlier world that comes from people meeting and sharing their love of sport aviation.

Editor’s Notes

The FAI Young Artists Contest has been running annually since 1986:

Winning drawings from the 2019 FAI Young Artists Contest:

2020 edition updateFAI has now received the national winning paintings from its Members. The FAI International Jury will vote and issue results by mid-July 2020.

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